At 3 o\’clock on June 16th, Beijing time, the first round of the European Cup F Group kicked off, and Germany and France started a direct dialogue at the Anilian Course in Munich. The first list of the two teams before the game:


French launch: 1-Lorei, 2-Paval, 3-Gold Pepene, 21-Luka, 21-Luka Si-Elandus,; 6-Pogba, 13-Kanter, 14-Rabio; 7-Grezmann, 10-Mbappe, 19-Benzema
法国替补:16-曼丹达、23-迈尼昂、5-朗格莱、8-勒马尔、9-吉鲁、11-登贝莱、12-托利索、15-祖马、18-迪Nirvana, 20-Coman, 22-Benjadel, 25-Kongde

Development of Germany: 1-Neuer, 2-Ludge, 4-Gintel, 5-Hummels; 20-Gosons, 8-Cross, 21-Jingduo, 6-Kimishi ; 25-Mueller, 10-Genabri, 7-Havatz
German substitute: 12-Leno, 22-Trap, 3-Halstenberg, 15-Juller, 16-Clossman, 23-Emre-Koch, 26-Garte , 17-Neuhos, 19-Saane, 9-Volland, 11-Wilna