La Liga\’s 16th round of preview: Real Madrid Debel is absent from Barcelona PK giants killer
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北京时间12月16日凌晨04:30,葡超第13轮的赛事将继续展开,近期豪取各项赛事11连胜的波尔图Can the guest challenge the promotion of Matsi Clarala?


圣克拉拉队是以葡甲升班马的身份来到葡超赛场,虽然球队的整体实力是十分有限的,但是球队The performance is very good. The league\’s 12 rounds of 5 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses temporarily ranked 9th, which is very rare for this promotion horse! However, the team\’s recent home performance was very sluggish. The last 2-3 home was defeated by the Bi Lansez. The team had suffered 3 consecutive defeats at home, and nearly 5 at home has lost 4 games. During the period, they lost. The number of balls has reached 10 goals! The team\’s post -defense obviously has a lot of problems. Faced with the Super League Borde of the Super League at home, it is difficult to occupy the advantage even at home.


波尔图是葡超绝对的强队,球队上一轮在欧冠也是客场3-2取胜加拉塔萨雷队,欧冠小组The first round of the six rounds with a 5 -win and 1 draw, the team came out in the first place. The team\’s recent state has gradually entered a good situation. Various events have won 11 consecutive victories, and the offensive firepower crown of at least 2 goals per game is critical of Portuguese Super League. Essence At present, in the Portuguese Super League, the standings are led by 10 wins and 2 losses. It is necessary! Moreover, the team has basically not encountered any injuries, and they can be sent to the main force.


从两队的实力,状态以及名气波尔图皆是明显占据优势的一方! From a fundamental point of view, Porto\’s advantages are still very obvious. The first concession to give Porto ball half a concession is also a full trust in the strength and state of the visiting team! Judging from the recent defensive performance of San Clara\’s home, there are too many problems. The number of goals for 3 games in a row is not less than 2 goals. The problem of this game in the face of Porto\’s post -defense is bound to be infinitely defensive. Based on the data, as long as Porto plays normally, it should not be a problem to win 2 goals.



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